Who Are We?

Embark on a journey with Hollakidz Sdn Bhd (1428285-A) known as Hollakidz, a brand that has blossomed from its roots in crafting festive clothing for kids since 2018. What began as a celebration of childhood traditions has evolved into a vibrant fashion haven for the entire family. Now, our tapestry extends beyond just kids' festive wear, weaving in comfy cotton fabrics to create a harmonious symphony of matching ensembles for the entire family. 

Hollakidz is not just a brand; it's a story of evolution, style, and the warmth of family fashion.

Discover Our Wonderland:

Experience the magic not just online but in person too! Hollakidz proudly boasts a physical store located at Eco Ardence Setia Alam, where you can touch, feel, and immerse yourself in the festive family fashion vibe up close. Additionally, catch the Hollakidz Raya Booths popping up at malls across different states in Malaysia for an exciting fashion rendezvous.

What's in Our Fashion Playground?

Picture this: Kids' Baju Melayu that's a blend of tradition and trend, Kurta styles that make your little ones stand out, Baju Kurung for that adorable twinning moment, and for the dads who rock style effortlessly—Dad's stylish ensemble for a festive family fashion extravaganza!

Why Join the Hollakidz Vibe?

  1. Quality Command Center: Step into our Quality Wonderland! We're obsessed with making sure every thread, button, and fabric is top-notch. Our cotton and linen fabric? Breathable bliss that you can't miss, especially with Malaysia's sizzling weather. At Hollakidz, you're not just a customer; you're our VIP style ambassador.
  2. Radiant Customer Relations: We don't do the whole "because-this-is-my-job" thing. Nope, not us! We're all about creating a shopping experience that feels like a virtual hug. Need assistance? We've got your back with the friendliest support in the online fashion kingdom.

How to Unleash the Vibe?

Doubts, suggestions, or just wanna share some virtual love?

Holla at us!

Shoot an email to customerservice.hollakidz@gmail.com, or visit our physical store at Eco Ardence Setia Alam or one of our Raya Booths in malls across different states for an in-person fashion fiesta.

Brace yourself for a reply that's faster than a kid on a sugar rush—we're committed to getting back to you within 24 hours because, well, your style emergencies can't wait!